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5 / 5

A Must See!!
OC Fairgrounds, California Theater, The Playhouse - Costa Mesa, San Bernardino, Banning, CA
Posted 08/20/2011by TMalmberg

We have seen your "Michael" perform four times, and every show continues get better. He has a passion for what he does, and it shows on stage. This show is a must see for all ages, our children can't wait for the show to come near our hometown. It really pays tribute to Michael Jackson, and he would be honored. The dance, the energy, and movements MJ did, you bring to his shows. I really feel that you cares about what he does and that is what make this "Experience" so special.

Favorite moment:The entire show

5 / 5

A cant miss experience for any MJ fan!!!
Fred Kavli Theatre-Thousand Oaks Civic Arts - Thousand Oaks, CA
Posted 08/18/2011by Santana2

Wow! What a show, aside from some minor technical issues attributed to the venue NOT the act, this is the BEST Michael Jackson tribute show EVER!! The "Michael" is truly dedicated to re creating MJ's live show in every aspect of the word. I didn't think it was possible but he actually improved since I saw him last year in 2010. The band is high energy and very talented. For a somewhat low budget production the show is just phenomenal!!
Overall a great show that leaves you wanting more!!

Favorite moment:The "Michael's" personal touch and humor!! He is truly one of a kind!
Set List:They added a few new songs to the list .....did I mention this is a CANT MISS show!!

5 / 5

Moonwalker was simply unbelievable
OC Fair & Event Center  - Costa Mesa, CA
Posted 08/20/2011by abbadaba

Once again an excellent show case of "Michael Jackson". Watching the show it is hard to believe that I am not watching the real Michael Jackson. The dance moves were right on and the singing was great also. The audience was standing most of the time and it really added to the whole experience to have "Michael" sign autographs after the concert. That was the best money I ever spent at the fair. I hope they come again next year. I tell everyone if they have the chance to see it to "run" and get tickets as this is the best show by far of the fair.

Favorite moment:thriller dance
Opening act(s): no opening act, but liked that he was escorted on stage by his dancers 

5 / 5

Moonwalker Was Great
Fred Kavli Theatre-Thousand Oaks Civic Arts - Thousand Oaks, CA
Posted 08/17/2011by GramaT

Truly enjoyed the show. You can tell "Michael" has a great love for MJ. The dancers, singers and musicians were great. Anyone who cared about Michael Jackson should see this show.

Favorite moment:Moonwalking

5 / 5

Fred Kavli Theatre-Thousand Oaks Civic Arts - Thousand Oaks, CA
Posted 08/17/2011by Lenet

This is a must see! Amazing performance. LIVE VOCALS!! Dancers, band, bank up singers. There is only one MICHAEL JACKSON, and he has passed on, but this is the way to remember him and pay tribute the BEST artist ever! Moonwalker does him justice!

Favorite moment:ALL: From beginning to end!
Set List:all the greats and the old favorites!

5 / 5

OC Fair & Event Center  - Costa Mesa, CA
Posted 08/17/2011by Anonymous

Great show, my 5 year old daughter loved it. "Michael" did a great job.

4 / 5

OC Fair & Event Center  - Costa Mesa, CA
Posted 08/16/2011by ballzdeep

Excellent Show. My son loves MJ so he was very happy during the show and for next few days following the gig. "Michael" even greeted and took pictures after the show. I have seen the real deal and this dude was a real close comparison. Highly recommended

5 / 5

OC Fair & Event Center  - Costa Mesa, CA
Posted 08/15/2011by nursevickis

INCREDIBLE show!!!!!!! "Michael" is an unbelievable performer. He is able to bring the magic, energy, and excitement that was characteristic of any MJ performance to the stage. The musicians, backup singers, and dancers are also very talented and together they are able to deliver a show that simply mesmerizes the audience. The audience age range was very varied--from the very young, to the very old. No one was disappointed--they all loved him!

5 / 5

OC Fair & Event Center  - Costa Mesa, CA
Posted 08/15/2011by straightfan

Great, Great show!!! My friends and I were thoroughly entertained by this entertainer, A truly gifted man and a terrific backup performers. Everybody seemed to have a great time and we were dancing all along. Would love to see this act again in fact we will in a few weeks in Laughlin! 5 stars indeed!!!

5 / 5

Moonwalker Was GREAT!
The Hanger at OC - Costa Mesa, CA
Posted 08/15/2011by CHICKETS

I went to my first show of Moonwalker in Anaheim 2 years ago it was ok. I went the second time last year in OC liked it. Aug 11, 2011 I went to Moowalker at OC Fair again, took 7 kids and 4 adults who our old time MJ fans and WE LOVED IT! Moonwalker keep up the good work and thank you for letting the younger generation see what the KING OF POP was all about. Love you,  CHICKETS

Favorite moment:The whole show from start to finish!
Opening act(s): Awesome

5 / 5

"Michael" gave a superb performance!
Fred Kavli Theatre-Thousand Oaks Civic Arts - Thousand Oaks, CA
Posted 08/15/2011by MiloandYosi

Your "Michael" is an amazing talent. The show was wonderful from start to finish, and everyone in the crowd had a great time. He was so appreciative and warm towards the audience, and this made the show even better. I came right home and checked the tour schedule to see when it would be performing again in a nearby venue. I am so glad we went!

5 / 5

Loved Michael Jackson
Fred Kavli Theatre-Thousand Oaks Civic Arts - Thousand Oaks, CA
Posted 08/15/2011by robinca

The crowd was as enthusiastic just like they were seeing the real Michael Jackson! It was a great show. This guy has real talent! The slower songs he sounded just like Michael Jackson! The base player was incredible. I would recommend this show to anyone who wants an evening of pure fun and entertainment! We didn't have close seats but I think that made it even more fun. The "Michael" was in the foyer after the show selling posters and signing autographs and I have to admit he looked kinda creepy with a ton of make up and he really looks nothing like Michael Jackson up close, nor should he! I wished I hadn't looked at him up close.

Favorite moment:Loved the crowds excitement!
Setlist: They did a lot, can't remember it all, Thriller, Beat It a Jackson 5 medley and so much more

5 / 5

Moonwalker is amazing!
OC Fair & Event Center - Costa Meas, CA 
Posted 08/15/2011by Shellie1984

This is my 2nd year attending a Moonwalker concert and I highly recommend seeing him if you are a Michael Jackson fan! I would see it again and again! The dance moves and singing voice is so similar to MJ it's incredible! He also was funny and nice and stayed after the concert to sign autographs and take pictures!

Favorite moment:When he said to the crowd, "how's the fair? Someone bring me a funnel cake!"
Setlist:Jam, Human Nature, Thriller, Smooth Criminal, The way you make me feel

5 / 5

MJ Show
Fred Kavli Theatre-Thousand Oaks Civic Arts - Thousand Oaks ,CA
Posted 08/14/2011by rubiel

Awesome event! "Michael" did a great job performing!

5 / 5

Michael Jackson REINCARNATED!!!!
OC Fair & Event Center - Costa Mesa, CA
Posted 08/14/2011by Sandra909

Although there will never be another Michael Jackson, this is closest you'll get in comparison to The Michael Jackson. His dance moves are incredible just like the King of Pop. His mannerisms on stage are of MJ himself. His voice is almost exactly like the real Michael (some songs better than others) There are moments throughout the performances, you think he is Michael Jackson. Moonwalker is fantastic! I would recommend a better/smoother transition between songs.
The backup singers play an important role for the star performer. I do feel that they fell short in some songs. I did hear pitch problems with the back singers, however I do believe they can be great, perhaps some voice coaching will do the trick . All in all, it is a great experience!
Can't wait to see it again.

4 / 5

Michael Jackson show was very good
Fred Kavli Theatre-Thousand Oaks Civic Arts - Thousand Oaks , CA
Posted 08/14/2011by pooka57

The show was enjoyable. He looked, sang, and danced just like Michael Jackson!

5 / 5

Unbelievably IMPRESSIVE
Fred Kavli Theatre-Thousand Oaks Civic Arts - Thousand Oaks , CA
Posted 08/14/2011by chamudi

WOW.........."Michael"...looks, talks, sings, and moonwalks like Michael Jackson. and the dancers kudos with a side of kudos.... I give the performance a 12 out of 10...

Favorite moment:Favorite moment: Thriller....Billy Jean

5 / 5

MJ was amazing!!!
Fred Kavli Theatre-Thousand Oaks Civic Arts - Thousand Oaks , CA
Posted 08/14/2011by Aire1903

The show was seriously breathtaking...although it's really not the real MJ, they try their best to look and bust MJ's moves!!! This is next best thing to ever being in a MJ concert so I highly recommend it!!!!!!!

5 / 5

Moonwalker was Sick!
OC Fair & Event Center - Costa Mesa, CA
Posted 08/14/2011by JoplinM

We had such a good time at Moonwalker. The dancers and the live band were the perfect touch. Combined with "Michael" they were all so much fun to watch. My friend is a lifelong fan and she was beside herself when they did Thriller! The venue was also perfect because they didn't overpack the place and the bar was really close. We are going to Cirque's Michael Jackson show in January so this will tide us over until then. Thanks for the memories!

Favorite moment:Favorite moment: Thriller

5 / 5

Michael Jackson reincarnated!
Fred Kavli Theatre-Thousand Oaks Civic Arts - Thousand Oaks , CA
Posted 08/14/2011by wongno

This performance was so incredible! If I didn't know better, I would have thought I was seeing the real Michael. His voice is just like Michael's as are his movements. He has a great personality and a couple of times, the audience made him crack a smile and actually laugh! It was magical. This was not a cheesy production. There was video of Michael's performances, the dancers were great, the band was equally good as were the back up singers. Michael would be proud.

Favorite moment:Every song is a surprise. They were all my favorites.

5 / 5

The Michael Jackson experience
Fred Kavli Theatre-Thousand Oaks Civic Arts - Thousand Oaks , CA
Posted 08/14/2011by MeMe2369

Excellent! Looking forward to seeing him again when he returns.

Favorite moment:The Billie Jean segment; amazing dancing and singing

5 / 5

OC Fair & Event Center   - Costa Mesa, CA
Posted 08/13/2011by Anonymous

In saw this show last year @ the fair and thought it was amazing then...this year they really out did themselves...was such an awesome show...the person who was MJ was completely was unreal! great night!

Favorite moment:When they did Thriller...was amazing!

5 / 5

Moonwalker show review!!
OC FAIR/The Hangar - Costa Mesa, CA
Posted 08/13/2011by Santana2

Awesome tribute act!! All around highly recommended event at any venue or any city! The band is very talented, the dancers are highly energetic and the singers are very skilled and soulful. Best for last, "Michael" brings it to the next level, down to his walk, gestures, giggles and hic up signature MJ sounds!!
The entire show is put together so carefully paying close attention to detail. A don't miss Michael Jackson show that will continue to entertain the masses for a generation to come!
Favorite moment: Whenever "Michael" gets personal with the audience, when he sings Man in the Mirror he makes you feel like you are in the presence of MJ himself!
Setlist: A couple of new editions are always welcome and this time was no exception!!
A bit of variety is needed to keep the show fresh!

5 / 5

OC Fair & Event Center - Costa Mesa, CA
Posted 08/13/2011by Lnong

This is one of the best concerts I've been to. I felt like I was watching the real MJ the whole time. "Michael" looks, dances and even sounds like MJ. Excellent performance! Non-stop thrilling, explosive music the entire time. I would definitely go watch this show again when if comes around again.
Favorite moment: Beat It/Thriller/Billie Jean

5 / 5

OC Fair & Event Center - Costa Mesa, CA
Posted 08/13/2011by BravoFamily

Show was great and beyond my expectations. great price too. Staff was friendly and helpful.
Favorite moment: Too many favorite moments to count!!!
Setlist: Billy jean, thriller, and jackson 5 songs were the best!
Opening act(s): The opening with you the huge loud clear screen was outstanding.

5 / 5

Simply Amazing
OC Fair & Event Center - Costa Mesa, CA
Posted 08/13/2011by crimewiz

One of the best show I've been too in years. Amazing!!!!
Favorite moment: Entire Show

5 / 5

OC Fair & Event Center - Costa Mesa, CA
Posted 08/13/2011by MMOONNSSTTEERR

It's a really good show can't wait to see it again next year
Favorite moment: All of the show was good

5 / 5

MOONWALKER is Amazing!
OC Fair & Event Center - Costa Mesa, CA
Posted 08/13/2011by LvnMyMJ

This Reflection of Michael Jackson is truly an amazing experience. Michael Firestone does an excelent job.

5 / 5

As close to MJ as one can get!
OC Fair & Event Center - Costa Mesa, CA
Posted 08/13/2011by Hutx

Took my avid 3 yr old MJ fan...apprehensive to say the least about this show. The MJ could blow- 99% of er'song was on point... Dancing was on point too! If you never were able to see MJ in concert before his untimely death- roll to this show quickly, it was DOPE! RIP MJ- blessings!

5 / 5

Moonwalker - The Michael Jackson Experience
OC Fair & Event Center - Costa Mesa, CA
Posted 08/13/2011by Anonymous

OMG there is only one word to describe this show "AMAZING" !!!!!!! A must see
Favorite moment: all of it

5 / 5

OC Fair & Event Center - Costa Mesa, CA
Posted 08/13/2011by Lenet

Next best thing to seeing Michael Jackson...there can only be one MICHAEL JACKSON, but their Michael as MJ was AMAZAING! There are times when you swear it is MJ himself on that stage! The love was palpable. The LIVE VOCALS!!!! I cannot say enough....when is the next show?!?!?!?!
Favorite moment: ALL OF IT
Setlist: ALL the greats, old favorites AWESOME!!

5 / 5

Awesome concert!!!!!!
OC Fair & Event Center - Costa Mesa, CA
Posted 08/13/2011by Dumi

Unbelievable amazing performance!!!!!! Full energy and extremely talented Moonwalker cast members. "Michael" looks just like Michael Jackson with his make up, signature hair style and costumes, as well as his vocal, dance, and the famous moves....OMG! Feels like in REAL Michael Jackson's greatest concert as he is still alive!!!!! WELL DONE!!!!!
Favorite moment: When the MJ put on his gloves and hat....

5 / 5

Almost the real thing!!!!
OC Fair & Event Center - Costa Mesa, CA
Posted 08/13/2011by kandygyrl

That was the best show I have seen in a long time. My daughter said it was the best Birthday ever!!!!!!!!!
Favorite moment: When the old school songs were performed

5 / 5

OC Fair & Event Center - Costa Mesa, CA
Posted 08/12/2011by Anonymous

This is a must-see for any Michael Jackson fan! The "Michael" is amazing as the one and ONLY King of Pop, he dazzles as he brilliantly mimics MJ's signature movies and matches his remarkable vocal talents. You will NOT be bored at this show! There's a band and dancers which perform all of MJ's popular hits and then some. It's a show that all ages will definitely enjoy. And don't forget to bring your dancing shoes, you are guaranteed to get up and shake your body down to the ground!
Favorite moment: Billie Jean and the Smooth Criminal Lean!

5 / 5

Planet Hollywood - Las Vegas
Posted 05/24/2011 by DakotasYiaYia

I have been a fan of MJ and his beautiful music forever! When I saw Moonwalker, I almost forgot Michael Jackson was gone!

5 / 5

Moonwalker was extraordinary!!!
Casino Del Sol - Tucson
Posted 05/24/2011 by Anonymous

I was blown away by this performance. I had no idea what to expect before seeing this show. I couldn't have been more impressed by the talent on stage. Every part of the production was beyond professional, including the band, the singers and the dancers. But more than anything, "Michael" was truly spectacular. I would recommend this show to anyone.

Favorite moment: Billie Jean and Smooth Criminal

5 / 5

A Must See!
Harrah’s - Laughlin
Posted 05/24/2011 by NicolettesHubby

I've seen this show several times and it just keeps getting better and better every time! It is clear that "Michael" and the rest of the cast are very passionate and dedicated to preserving the integrity of the genius that is Michael Jackson! Whether you're a die hard fan or a casual listener you will be mesmerized by the precision choreography and dead on vocals of the best tribute show in the world!

5 / 5

Great Show
Ho-Chunk Casino  - Baraboo , WI - 10/31/2010
Posted 05/21/2011 by Chesney5

I have been to this show twice and will go everytime it is anywhere close to my area. I never got to see MJ in concert, but "Michael" is amazing and does a wonderful job!! For a moment when watching the show you almost forget that you are not watching the real MJ...he is that good! Can't wait until you guys come back to the Milwaukee/Chicago area!! MJ would be proud...

Favorite moment: The whole thing!!

5 / 5

the most unforgetable concert ever seen in my life
santa ana star center - bernallio, NM - 08/28/2010
Posted 05/11/2011 by beverylg

As a mature aged Michael Jackson fan . Watching "Michael" perform as Michael Jackson, has reawaken the lost of love I felt when Michael passed . To see a performer dedicate his heart and soul to prefect the craft of another to simply entertain strangers only in this case everyone in the audiance young or old have a opportunity to see Michael Jackson preform again. This performance should be added to your bucket list.

Favorite moment: when he sang ill be there
Setlist: Ill be there, Billie Jean Earth song, Smooth Criminal, Thriller, Bad, and more
Opening act(s): no opening act

5 / 5

Harrah's Casino - Laughlin, NV
Posted 05/11/2011 by 1mjfan

This ia a GREAT show..."Michael" really captures the essence of Michael Jackson. The live singing and dancing, costumes and lighting are better than most "impersonators" you might see out there today and since we can longer have the TRUE KING OF POP-MICHAEL JACKSON, this show is definitely a VERY entertaining alternative. Audiences love it!

5 / 5

Greatest MJ cover!!
open amphitheater - Banning, CA  - 06/11/2010
Posted 05/10/2011 by Santana2

When I first saw the show, I was amazed. I think I've seen other MJ impersonators that actually resemble him more, however I've never seen anyone that can Dance & Sing Michaels songs more then the "Michael". This is a live experience and thats what makes it all the better! No lip syncing or overdubs, there might be some MJ sound effects used by permission I'm sure but everything else is performed live right in front of you eyes.

Obviously no one can EVER replace Michael Jackson but this is as close as youre going to get. "Michael's" dancing is just superb, not to mention he can sing the songs as well, which is not an easy task. Its not so much about trying to look or sound like Michael its all in the spirit of MJ, but that said "Michael" and his supporting cast do an excellent job of it !!!

Favorite moment: Smooth Criminal .....Awesome!!
Setlist: Most were used from the set list on This Is It .
Opening act(s): none

5 / 5

A Must-See for Michael Jackson Fans!!!
Rusty Rudder - Dewey Beach, DE
Posted 05/10/2011 by Maricara

I saw the Moonwalker show in Dewey Beach, Delaware last summer. I was in such awe of his likeness to Michael Jackson that I invited many of my friends to see his show the second night. We've all been waiting patiently for the show to return to the East Coast. If you are a Michael Jackson fan, this show is a must-see!!!! You won't be disappointed!

Favorite moment: All of it!!!

5 / 5

Harrah's Fiesta Showroom – Laughlin
Posted 05/09/2011 by Anonymous

Just think of what you would do if you could still see a Michael Jackson concert? This is what you would have loved!!

5 / 5

Moonwalker high energy fabulous show!
Harrah's Showroom Fiesta Room - Laughlin, NV - 06/09/2010
Posted 05/09/2011 by Anonymous

I saw "Moonwalker the Michael Experience," at Harrah's Laughlin. I thought it was so amazing and loved the fact that all ages were engaged in total enjoyment and "Michael" capturing the very essence of the famous Michael Jackson. The show was so much fun and the sentiment in remembering MJ brought tears to my eyes. After the show I went around the casino asking people how they liked the show and each comment was "great" and said by all, "I thought it was the real Michael Jackson, I loved it!!! "

Favorite moment: Earth Song, it is very amazing

5 / 5

Great Show
Laughlin NV Harrah’s Casino - New York City
Posted 05/09/2011 by Anonymous

I saw this show twice, Once In Laughlin NV, about a year or so ago, then recently It Came to Canada so I decided why not it was a fun cute show, I was amazed at how different it was , It felt like I was actually at an MJ concert instead of a small Tribute type show they must have complety redone the entire thing My family and I were blown away with the Lighting and Cast, I would def recommend this to my Friends.

5 / 5

Moonwalker-the Michael Experience ROCKS!!!
SilverStar Hotel & Casino River Resort - Choctaw, MS - 08/07/2010
Posted 05/09/2011 by Raven4MJ

The first time we saw Moonwalker was at the Fitz Casino in Tunica,MS. It was Electrifying! We couldn't stop talking about it for days. So we attended another Venue at the SliverStar Hotel & Hotel. "Michael" is one of the BEST Tribute Artist we have ever seen in Concert. His moves, dance and voice emulates the Real Deal Michael Jackson! He and cast are Incredible! We would Highly recommend Moonwalker-The Michael Experience! You won't leave disappointed!

Favorite moment: Everything!!! Brought back some wonderful Memories!

5 / 5

Moonwalker Show is AWESOME!
Santa Ana Star Casino - Santa Ana Pueblo, NM - 09/25/2010
Posted 05/09/2011 by Love2loveMJ

The Moonwalker Show is spectacular, full of high energy! "Michael's" voice is so much like Michael Jackson, and those moves ! He has definitely perfected MJs moves. It gives you chills. By the second song, the audience was out of their seats and coming up to the stage. The whole production is amazing. I also loved the back up musicians, dancers and costumes. For anyone who loves Michael Jackson – you HAVE to experience this show. I was fortunate to have seen Michael Jackson in concert once, and the Moonwalker Show gives you that feeling – that you are right there! seeing him in concert.

I’ve seen the Moonwalker Show twice in New Mexico, and we’re flying from Houston to Laughlin, NV in June to catch 2 more shows! Can’t wait to see him perform again. I had no idea how moving, exciting and entertaining this show is. "Michael" has a gift. You can tell he truly loves, respects and admires Michael Jackson. He is a real nice guy in person, and after his shows, he even signs autographs and takes photos with you at no charge. This Tribute is an awesome and memorable experience for any MJ fan.
All I can say about the Moonwalker Show is …. I just can’t stop….. Loving You

Favorite moment: They even do the “Lean” in Smooth Criminal.
Opening act(s): None

5 / 5

Silver Star Casino - Philadelphia, MS
Posted 05/09/2011 by MJFAN64

I have never gotten to attend a Michael Jackson concert; however, when I saw Moonwalker in Philadelphia, MS, I was truly moved. I felt as if I were watching Michael Jackson. I think it was "perfect" and I am dying to see him again!!! I WILL SEE IT THE NEXT TIME HE EVEN COMES CLOSE TO MISSISSIPPI!!
Opening act(s): None

5 / 5

brought me to tears
Cove Haven resort - Lakeville, Pa - 06/25/2010
Posted 05/02/2011 by MickiGilgallon

Moonwalker allows us all to be with MJ one more time! Thank you isn't enough! I know he is looking down & is so proud of you and your work! Keep the magic alive, love you even more<3
Favorite moment: that knock em dead MJ glare!!!!!!!!!!!!

5 / 5

Harrah's  - LaughlinNV - 06/12/2010
Posted 05/02/2011 by mjstarfan

I have seen this show several times and LOVED it every time. The Michael in the show is amazing and sounds so much like MJ that I am blown away every time. The costumes, the dance moves, the live singing are all as close to perfect as I think you can get. Loved the live band and dancers too. I stood up close to the stage and he reached out and touched my hand during the show and it was AWESOME. After this amazing show, he signed autographs and posed for photos for no charge which was awesome. They sold photos and videos but you didn't have to buy anything to get to say hi and meet him. He was the nicest guy and so sincere in his love for MJ. I will see this show again and again as it seems they are always adding new stuff and even if they didn't keep adding, the existing show is TOTALLY GREAT. Thanks to Moonwalker for a terrific MJ experience and for keeping the music alive.
Favorite moment: ALL of it...going back this year for several shows as they will be there for a whole week.
Setlist: Billy Jean, Jam, Thriller, Human Nature, You are Not Alone, Earth Song, They don't really care about us, Working day and night, and more more more
Opening act(s): no opening act

5 / 5

Ho Chunk Casino - Baraboo, WI - Sun, Oct 31, 2010
Posted 11/14/2010 by CEEGRIZZ

I wasn't quite sure what to expect at first, however from the very start I was impressed!
Favorite moment: All of the music and dancing.

4 / 5

Great for the price!!
Ho Chunk Casino - Baraboo, WI - Sun, Oct 31, 2010
Posted 11/04/2010 by greattimes101

The man who does this show and impersinates M.J. is a great performer with the budget they have. He did a great job of channeling M.J.s energy to the crowd. He and his band and dancers dont play at huge venues with big budgets like the real M.J. had but they do a great job with what they have. I was a regular fan of M.J.s music and who he was, but now I am a bigger fan because of this show. He did signings after the show where we could get autographs and meet him. This guy really I mean really loves M.J. and wants to do his best to bring the experience to his audience. Great job MOONWALKER Michale Jackson lives on through people like you. I'm glad I went. Would love to see him again perform. Remember also if you go to see MOONWALKER you dont have to worry about your assigned seating. He hates it when people stay in their seats. Come on up to the stage. His P.R. person told me that before I went inside
Favorite moment: This guy looks, sounds, and dances like M.J. I was impressed. The show was better than I expected it would be.
Setlist: He did Dirty Diana, Thriller, Billy Jean and a bunch others
Opening act(s): He started out with some songs not on the greatest hits type album. It was for the real Hardcore fans that never get to hear those songs on the radio I assume. I'm a better fan now I'm gonna buy the real albums and not just the greatest hits.

5 / 5

Moonwalker was the best
Ho Chunk Casino - Baraboo, WI - Sun, Oct 31, 2010
Posted 11/02/2010 by Bootles

What a great tribute to Michael Jackson. He would be very proud of this performance. Class act with the dancers and great costumes. I would see again in a heartbeat.
Favorite moment: Thriller Song

4 / 5

Moonwalker was nice
Ho Chunk Casino - Baraboo, WI - Sun, Oct 31, 2010
Posted 11/02/2010 by Shmaln

I enjoyed the show. The constumes were just like Michael had worn for each of his songs. I was surprised that there was times in the show that was very quiet since we were waiting for "Michael" to change his coats etc. HE had an amazing voice and sounded like Michael. His moves were almost exactly like Michaels.

5 / 5

Ho Chunk Casino - Baraboo, WI - Sun, Oct 31, 2010
Posted 11/02/2010 by Anonymous

This was AMAZING would recommend to any jackson fan

5 / 5

Moonwalker was Absolutely Phenomenal!
Ho Chunk Casino - Baraboo, WI - Sun, Oct 31, 2010
Posted 11/02/2010 by iluvmichael547

The Moonwalker was totally awesome! I've already got it set in my mind that I'm taking a trip to Vegas every year to watch his show again. The Michael in the show is one of a kind and I would love the chance to meet him and talk with him on a personal basis, but I know that would never, ever happen in my lifetime. I'm the biggest Michael Jackson fan since I was a kid and I never got the chance to see the real thing, but this show was close enough to the real thing. His work has paid off over the years and he is to be commended for his hard work. I think I was in love with this guy and he made me cry because he was just like the real Michael. I just can't stop thinking about him.

I will always remember my experience and would highly recommend seeing him in person. I know I am, for the rest of my years, I'm going to Vegas and I will do everything I can to see his shows.

Thank you for bringing a dream of mine to life!

Favorite moment: Seeing Michael Jackson up close and personal....WOW! Absolutely Amazing!

3 / 5

Michael yes, Michael Jackson NO!
Ho Chunk Casino - Baraboo, WI - Sun, Oct 31, 2010
Posted 11/02/2010 by Sudey

The back-up musicians and dancers were awesome. The moomwalker neither looked like Michael Jackson nor sounded like him. I was very disappointed! The only similarities were that both had the first name Michael. Also, I paid $26 for my ticket and they were sold on site the night of the show for $15.

Favorite moment: Liked back-up singer, "Janet Jackson". Videos could have been more professional in their transition from one video to the next.
Opening act(s): Michael played to the crowd standing in front by the stage and ignored, for the most part, those in the back.

5 / 5

Ho Chunk Casino - Baraboo, WI - Sun, Oct 31, 2010
Posted 11/02/2010 by Anonymous

Moonwalker was a great show!!! I would recommend anyone that likes MIchael Jackson to go and see.

Favorite moment: I enjoyed the whole show. Not sure what I enjoyed most. Probably the Thriller song.

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